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Green iguana black spot mystery
Posted On 11/19/2013 17:15:10 by Iguanaboy1223

My new iguana has small Black dots all over him. I dont recall him/her having them when i got him/her at the reptile expo. I would like to know what the are and how to cure them please inform me i have wanted one for so long and now i feel like he his going to die HELP

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Green iguana help
Posted On 11/18/2013 20:57:01 by Iguanaboy1223

I just purchased a iguana with a over all length of 14-16 inches. He keeps sneezing and it has probably happened 5 times i noticed but i got him sunday so i dont know. And he has a bunch of small Black dots that slightly protrude from his skin. He was purchased from a reptile expo. I am 14 so a vet is possible nbut not wanted.

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