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Juliet - A Visitor
Posted On 01/29/2013 21:23:44 by wftright

Juliet - A Visitor

About a year ago, the guy who was running the LaARK rescue picked up a foster Snake that needed a home. The snake's owner was a teenager who had become pregnant. She needed to move to another house while she carried the child, and the folks who owned the house absolutely refused to let her bring a boa constrictor into the home. She wanted the Snake back once she got through the pregnancy and could get into other living arrangements, but she couldn't keep the Snake fo... Read More

Posted On 09/10/2012 20:44:40 by bad_kitty
So, I'm just new here at Reptilegeeks, and I just thought I'd jot down a bit here and there. So for starters, like my profile said, I live in a small village in Southern Ontario, Canada, one of those little places you could blink and miss if you weren't paying attention. But it's home! I'm a practising Witch, a member of the Wiccan faith, just fyi, and I believe that my spirit totem is the Serpent, as I've always loved snakes and been very comfortable around them. My own snakes have never... Read More

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