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Boas and Balls

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Status: done setting up everyone for breeding season
53 years old
Brighton, Colorado
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I have been breeding boas since 1982, and I am having a blast. We maintain about 300 boas and pythons, a few geckos and a pair of bearded dragons. At times during the summer we can have well over 1000 snakes here. Now that is a lot of mouths to feed.
My family owns the largest rodent farm in Colorado. We supply two zoo's a wholesaler and a large reptile store chain callse Scales N Tails. And of course my obsession.

I am a wife and mother of 5 wonderful kids. Ken and I have 3 boys together 22, 17, and 16. The other 2 are my step children, 32 married with a daughter and lastly my step daughter is 31 and handicapped, she lives at home and is my right hand gal.
My oldest two sons are Eagle Scouts. I love hiking and camping with the boys. I take Boy Scouts very seriously, these young men are the leaders of tomorrow. It is great watching them grow and become men. My youngest son is now working toward his eagle, so I hope some day I can say I have 3 Eagle Scouts.

Boas- Colombians,
Madagascar ground boas,
Dumeril Boas,
Amazon Basin Emeralds,
Argentine Boa Constrictor Bco,
T+ Argentines,
Coral Albinos,
Jungle Albinos,
Corn Island boas,
Motley het albino,
Super motley het albino,
Anery Longicauda,
Salmon boas,
Salmon pastel boa,
Anery BCI
and my favorite this year
Super hypo, harlequin, jungle pos het anery. These are sweet.

Ball pythons- LOTS, To many when it is feeding day and not enough when I see something new.

Carpet pythons, Just a few. Not sure why I have these guys but I have had them for 10+ years.

Condro pythons. Love these guys them and the Amazon Basins Emeralds are like living art to me.

Argentine Boas
Guyana boas
Hog Island boas
Colombian boas
Madagascar ground boas
Dumerial boas
Salmon boas
moon glows
Anerys Het albino
Albinos Het Anery
Leopard boas
and my favorite this year
Super hypo, harlequin, jungle pos het anery. These are sweet.

Pin stripe bp's
Carmel albino bp's and 100% hets
Ghost bp's and 100% hets
Bumble bees
cinnamon pastel bp's
Mojave bp's
Pastel bp's
Lesser platinum
Clowns and 100% hets
Albino's and 100% hets
Cinnamon pastels
Genetic stripes and pos hets
Blue eyed leucistic
Pieds and 100% hets
spider lesser platinum
Lesser Bee

I think that is all but you never know around here.

A good employee

PETA Kills, Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo, The Boa and Ball Python Forum, African Fat-Tailed Geckos, RepticZoners!

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No gifts received yet.

11/29/2009 10:25 Peter Kahl sent me a bunch of het T+ centrals to breed. Anyone looking for some? These are nice heathly ready to breed animals.
11/29/2009 10:20 We are done sorting all the boas and pythons for the breeding season.
7/9/2009 12:11 Posting reminders about the show august 8th.

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