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51 years old
ASHEBORO, North Carolina
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I'm a 49 year old... happily married... mother of two adult children and grandmother of a 2 and two more on the way! I love all animals, play with clay every day, sing at church with my hubby, have a great relationship with my kids and my whole family. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I love meeting people. I guess I'm a real people person.... but I'm an animal person too.... I just love alot of things. Okay , maybe I just love life.

We're a husband and wife team!!!

Mainly colorful colubrid snakes... I love the many colors and patterns of these and all snakes. God did some of his most beautiful artwork on snakes!

We bred Eastern Indigos for several years and produced approximately 60 babies. It was great to keep an endangered species going!

We love going to antique auctions. I love antiques, mainly old NC pottery, old costume jewelry, old paper documents and old photos. Oh yea, we love collecting Indian artifacts too.

We also love snakes. What misunderstood creatures! We have about 300 snakes at the moment .
Our dogs are like our children now that our human children have moved out. I love them so much. (our dogs and our kids)....

Our children are incredibly cool. They have grown up to be such wonderful adults. They are really our friends! We enjoy hanging out with them.

Our son James is a painter and works with Jimmy. He married Lora Hill in February 2009 and they are expecting their first child in May of 2010!

Our daughter Amber is a graphic designer and does freelance work. You should check out her designs at amber84.etsy.com . She can design your logo for you!

It's so cool when your kids grow up and still actually like you. :)

I love southern gospel music and listen to JOY.FM radio always. I have always been a singer and now I get to use my gift to sing for the LORD. I love hearing Jimmy's beautiful harmony in my ear when we sing together. He's a great singer and guitar player. We sing at church all the time. We met in high school while singing in the talent show....and we've been singing ever since!

I have more interests....in fact I have so many interests that I would have to live at least 10 lifetimes on earth to do them all.....

No snakes at the moment. We sold them all approximately 2 years ago. But we still love them and will probably get more in the future. We have two grandkids and have two more on the way. We are definitely going to teach them to love and appreciate snakes and all creatures.

Jimmy is a paint contractor here in Asheboro and surrounding areas. He started painting at age 14 (with his grandfather)during the summers. He's now 48 and still painting. He also plays the guitar and sings and is a songwriter. He writes mostly country music along with some southern gospel tunes. We sing together at church mostly...but also at weddings and other functions.

And of course Jimmy is a snake breeder. He has loved snakes forever. He caught his first snake when he was 4 or 5. It was a Hognose snake (which is still one of his favorites). He taught me everything I know about snakes and we have done many educational programs in our area with schools, churches, scout troops, etc. we love helping folks get over their fear of snakes. And it's great to know that we are saving snakes' lives just by educating people.

I (Tammy) am mainly just a housewife and mom. I have a million interests and try to fit it all into this one lifetime...... I help Jimmy keep the books with his painting business but I also make reptile jewelry and novelties out of clay. This goes well with our reptile breeding business. It started when I couldn't find much reptile related jewelry...I found some but not enough...so I started making it myself. It's a fun hobby/business. I also am a singer. I have probably sung all of my life. I think I drove my parents crazy while I was growing up...but it's paid off 'cause now I am blessed enough to be able to sing at our church all the time. I sing solos as well as duets with my husband.



Visit my husband's myspace page and listen to some of his music. These songs were written by Jimmy Mabe. One is called "Heavy On My Mind" and was originally written back in 1979 but he re-wrote it to fit with our family's current situation (of being married for 27+ years and being empty nesters)... He plays the guitar and sings lead and I sing back-up/harmony with him. The second song is called "The World We used to know". He wrote this song back in December. He plays rhythm guitar, sings lead and harmony. Our 15 year nephew Kasey Freeman plays lead guitar on this one. Kasey also did all of the recording . Plus we have added a few new songs.

Women and Reptiles, Christian Reptile Lovers, Southeastern US, Pituophis Lovers, Art and Reptiles

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From: Angelrose
06/05/2013 12:25:01

Happy Birthday !!!

From: MaLuna
02/02/2013 10:13:22

Thank-you for accepting my friend request. :)

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