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Thinking of breeding dubia roaches or madagascar hissing cockroaches,,.
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Jun 21 2009, 2:15 pm - By Nertflo

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Well i hate buying crickets because they jump alot and to tell you guys the truth, Im a bit scared of them lol. Well i was thinking if i should breed cockroaches from now on but the thing is, If i buy 200 roaches for 20 and i feed my gecko 12 a week and my savannah monitor 70 then im gonna be wasteing my money. do they breed fast? should i breed dubia or hissing cockroaches? or both? how would i go on about feeding my 2 lizards? My adult leopard gecko and my baby savannah monitor thanks.
Jun 22 2009, 9:37 am - Replied by: singingtothewheat

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ack, no way.  Cockroaches in my home.  Not going to happen.


Jul 16 2009, 7:16 pm - Replied by: bkelley02

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I have both dubia and lateralis roaches, and I find the dubia very slow breeders.  Now the lateralis breed really fast but they move just as quick.  The dubia are much slower moving and will often freeze when you try to pick them up.
Jul 16 2009, 9:59 pm - Replied by: Crazy4Herps

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I've got dubias, LOVE them. If you're nervous around them, get dubias; they don't make noise, don't climb, don't jump, don't fly, don't die. :P Hissing roaches get much larger than dubias, and they can climb REALLY well, it's difficult to keep them contained.

Start out with 200 or so adult dubia (more if you're getting nymphs), get the temps of the tub up to around 85-90*, feed them, give them fresh fruits for water, and in two months you'll have a stable colony.  (Don't feed any off until the two months are over.)
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