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Conservation through Responsible Commercialization

The commercial wildlife trade is a profitable industry.
According to most studies, the wildlife trade generates billions of dollars each year across the globe. But if you mentioned those numbers to an indigenous trader from a Careworn Village in South America, he might scoff and point to his crumbling home or the bellies of his hungry children.
It rarely profits those who need it most.
The majority of proceeds from the wildlife trade do not line the pockets of indigenous peoples; but commercial operations and black market middlemen who profit by exploiting native communities for their greatest natural resource - wildlife. Through practices legal and illegal, exploitative trade threatens to devastate our planetís exotic species, and the lives of the people who rely on
But it doesnít have to be that way.
What if there was a means to decrease exploitation, increase wildlife numbers and assist those who depend on the trade of wildlife for their very survival?
With your help, we believe we can do just that. Founded by The Florida International Teaching Zoo, a non-profit organization, The Green Jungle Project is dedicated to starting indigenous populations on the path to self-sufficiency through the cultivation of commercial wildlife.
By developing safe breeding facilities and responsible trade practices among indigenous cultures, we aim to promote wildlife populations and provide a solid means of economic support for struggling communities.
By working together, we believe we can take on social, environmental and wildlife causes by creating common-sense solutions that benefit all. The world doesnít have to be man versus nature. With a little hard work and patience, we can better our planet for both.

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Best Prices on Reptile Supplies!

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