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Hello, my name is Cassie.
I love and am fasinated by reptiles. My love for reptiles started at a young age. When I was 4 I had my first encounter with a garter snake, and from that point on I wanted to own reptiles.
I owned a few wild turtles that I had found in a pond near my old house in the country that I kept in my backyard.
I also housed some wild frogs and toads that wondered into my backyard. And quite a few years back I owned my first store bought toad, an awesome little fire-bellied toad I named Watermelon.
On January 2, 2006 I got my first lizard, a leopard gecko I named Nim. He's been a joy to own. A few years later in Febuary I bought a SHT female leo and started my own little breeding project. That same year in March I had 4 more leo's "dumped off" on me so to speak. My breeding project was going great. But about a year and a half afterward I stopped breeding leopard geckos because, to many babies so little room. But when I get my own apartment or home I plan to start breeding them again and hopefully different lizards and snakes too.
Unfortunately I was never able to own any snakes when I was younger, my mother hated and still hates snakes, but that never, and still hasn't, stop me from grabbing a garter out of my backyard and bringing it to her from time to time ;D
Or so I thought... On July 15, 2011 I happily bought my first columbian red tail boa constrictor from a local pet store. She's 2ft 4in and a joy to have. I named her Kallisto which means "most beautiful" in Greek. Thus far it has been a wonderful experience owning her, and I can't wait until she gets a little bigger. I look forward to the future and watching her grow. Hopefully one day I can start my own business of breeding and selling quality reptiles.
I plan to start making reptile cages/racks..I also want to make racks for breeder mice,rats,rabbits, etc., and shelving units to hold storage tubs for feeder insects. I can't start this idea just yet though, but hopefully this will start in a few years.

All reptiles and amphibians

Reptiles, drawing, researching/reading about reptiles to gain more knowledge on them.

5.4.0 Leopard geckos
0.1.0 Siamese cat
0.1.0 redtail boa constrictor

I have currently stopped breeding my leopard geckos, to many babies so little room :/
but hopefully I'll get the stuff I need to get the rack system I want to build, and will have the room I need to breed them again.

I do not have any right now, maybe in the future.


I listen to country and rock, ocassionally dive into a little bit of metal.

ball python lovers, Have You Joined the Dark Side?, Protect the hobby, Chicago Herpetological Society, Pythons of the World

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