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Status: Layla Louise Stage was 7lb. 4oz. and 20 inches long she was born on the 18th at 12:01pm!!!!!!!!!!!!
38 years old
New Hudson, Michigan
United States

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Hi,My name is Adam.I am happily married to a wonderful woman and we have a beautiful daughter together with another child on the way on January 25th. We choose to wait for the surprise because there arent many surprises left as you get older.

I love all reptiles but my passion is with snakes! I love everything about them. Anyone who says you cannot share a bond with a snake or reptile of any kind for that matter because they are cold blooded just doesn't understand these amazing animals. I spend time with all of my snakes each day and have a true bond with each one of them and each one is different. They are one of gods finest achievments.

I haven't done any breeding

I love to watch football. NFL or college, it doesn't matter. NBA basketball is a joke but i am a huge fan of the college game. I like baseball but during the early season I have to admit it is very difficult to watch a full game on TV when it is nice outside. I am also a Reptile Show Junky! I go to any and all shows I can get to. I love to learn and the more interaction with others the more I learn. That is why i am so excited about this opportunity at RG!

0.1 Colombian RT
1.2 Jungle Carpets
0.1 Dumerils Boa
1.0 Colombian Rainbow
0.1 Nic Motley
1.0 Ball Python
1.0 Rosy Boa


I love Boa's and I don't have a specific species of Boa that I want other than all of them at the moment. But there are two pythons that I am in love with. An Iranian Jaya Carpet and a Jungle Carpet.

Elementary school Teacher, I like to believe that I am a great father. :)

I love any music from the 1990's!! On Sirius radio Lithium station is the best. As far as movies go I love a great comedy and do not have a problem sitting down with the wife and watching a chick flick either. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of my generation.

ball python mania, Pythons of the World, Michigan Reptile Enthusiasts

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