Reptilegeeks - The Best Reptile Community on the Internet! :: Forum :: AMPHIBIANS Personalize your own profile and become part of the fastest growing Reptile Community in the world! Land Snails Free Amphibian Care Webinar FREE webinar series allowing reptile keepers to interact with experts in a dynamic live event. These FREE webinars are a service of the Florida International Teaching Zoo and Project Green Jungle. Our first webinar is November 18th at 8pm, the subject will be Beginner Amphibian care. Future webinars will be ...]]> Wheaton Il. show this weekend.. Video: Hiking with Frogs, Salamanders and Woodpeckers Amphibians Amphibians (class Amphibia), such as frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians, are ectothermic (or cold-blooded) animals that metamorphose from a juvenile water-breathing form, to an adult air-breathing form. Though amphibians typically have four limbs, the Caecilians are notable for being limbless. Unlike other land vertebrates (amniotes), amphibians lay eggs in water. Amphibians are superficially similar to reptiles. ...]]> want more amphibians well stop this The Eastern Gray Tree Frog