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mem_normal OFFLINE
44 years old
Beardstown, Illinois
United States

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I am mom to two boys, the oldest is 20 and has joined the Marines, the younger is 15 learning to drive and loves to hunt and fish. I have a step-daughter who is married and has a two year old daughter herself and expecting another. I work to support my reptile habit. Other than the paycheck I can't say as I like my work. I also spend a lot of my down time helping my disabled mother. My animals are my wind down and relaxation therapy.lol

Like to go hiking, looking for herps. If I had my way I would start a rescue for reptiles in this area, as it is I take in what I can when I hear of a need. As for field herping this year I am really hoping to find a copperhead and/or a timber rattler to photograph!

My interests are my family and pets. I am pretty much a home body. I don't seem to get along with most people very well. LOL

We are currently keeping (can change to more at anytime)6 ball pythons, 1 pastel ball,5 corn snakes of different morphs, 1 burmese python, 1 california kingsnake,2 red tailed boas, 1 albino red tailed boa, 2 dumerils boas,1 tangerine honduran milksnake, 1 motley kingsnake, 1 rosy boa, 2 hognose snakes, 1 brooks king, 1 desert king, 1 black and white tegu, 1 blue tongued skink, 3 leopard geckos, 3 tokay geckos,2 eastern box turtle, 2 bearded dragons, 2 mali uromastyx, 1 rose hair tarantula, 2 sulcata tortoises, 1 rat terrier, 2 min pins, 1 rottwieler,1 pit bull,1 dwarf rabbit, 1 savannah monitor, 1 red eared slider,and 1 salmon pink birdeating spider.

I would like to try breeding my corns and tokays. As I am just a hobbyist I don't want to do anything major.lol

Mountain horned dragon,greek tortoise, basilisk, frilled dragon,gargoyle gecko, skunk gecko, several ball python morphs,and several corn snake morphs.

Don't watch many movies. I like almost all music with the exception of rap just can't do it.

find me a reptile

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You are welcome to check out my photos on photobucket.com under seahag_2008
Just learning what my camera can do def not professional photos!

3/5/2010 07:04 Woo hoo! Extremely happy to have just found a baby cornsnake that has been missing for about a month!
3/3/2010 07:49 Going stir crazy. Want to get out hiking and able to find herps!
2/21/2010 08:27 Doing housework in between being on here and whatever else I can think of to get out of housework!
2/13/2010 09:53 Tired of cold, tired of snow. Want to go out and play in the sunshine.lol

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